Strategic Lawyering

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I am not sure I want to engage an attorney. Do you offer initial consultations to help me decide?

Not only do we offer initial consultations, we encourage you to set one up before you engage any attorney. During such a meeting you can get specific answers to your questions based on your actual circumstances. Mr. Spears will listen to your needs and ask questions to allow him to provide you with meaningful information and advice. Generalized information is of limited value.


In addtion to learning about your case, the initial consultation is your opportunity to determine if you have found the best attorney for you. When you engage an attorney you are putting your trust, your confidences and financial matters into his/her hands. You want an attorney that communicates well with you, that understands your specific needs and goals (and agrees with them), and with whom you feel comfortable. We advise you to use the initial consultation to give consideration to these matters as well as your legal needs.


Is there a charge for an initial consultation?

We charge for consultations. The reason is that it takes an attorney's time to meet with you, understand your situation, and give worthwhile answers to your questions. Our fee for initial consultations is $200.00 for a 50 minute meeting.